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Minutes of the March 25, 2022 Meeting
Flatford Update


Meeting Minutes Archives

Minutes of January 31, 2022 Meeting

Minutes of October 22, 2021 Meeting

Minutes of May 21, 2021 Meeting
Wood_ Downs’ Dam Study – Restoration Presentation

Minutes of January 29, 2021 Meeting

Minutes of September 18, 2020 Meeting

Wood_UML Weir Study - Restoration presentation

Minutes of  December 13 , 2019 Meeting

Minutes of  June 7 , 2019 Meetings

Minutes of January 25, 2019 Meeting

Unit Management Plan Update

Stormwater Rule Discussion Documents

Final Stormwater Resolution


Harper Method Comments Reports

Harper Method Signoff

DEP Water Quality

Summary of the Available Literature on Nutrient Concentrations
and Hydrology for Florida Isolated Wetlands

Minutes of the December 7, 2018 Meeting

Minutes of the July 27, 2018 Meeting

Minutes of the March 30, 2018 Meeting

Minutes of the September 29, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the August 11th 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the February 24, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the December 2nd, 2016 Meeting

Minutes of the September 16th 2016 Meeting

Minutes of the April 8th  2016 Meeting

City of Venice – update to Council

 Minutes of the December 11, 2015 MRMCC meeting

Wingate East Mine Off_site Mitigation Project
Update SBJL and Snook Addition

Minutes of the February 27th, 2015 meeting

Blackburn Canal/Robert’s Bay Presentation

 Draft Minutes of the November 14th, 2014 meeting
Snook Haven Improvement Update
Update on Myakka River Watershed Initiative
MFL overview
Water Use Permits- Myakka River Watershed
ERP permit and Conditions

Minutes of the August 15, 2014 meeting
2013 Sarasota County MWSR report (permit overview)

Minutes of the March 7, 2014 meeting
MWSR Annual Report 2013

Minutes of the November 8, 2013 meeting

Myakka River and Sea Level Rise
Myakka River Manatee use
Myakka River Gator Huntin

Minutes of the July 26, 2013 meeting
Sarasota County Update

Sarasota County Bridge Project at CR780

Minutes of the February 1, 2013 meeting
Conservation Foundation Property Power Point Presentation
2012 MRMCC Annual Report

Minutes of the October 5, 2012 Meeting
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Minutes of the June 22, 2012 Meeting
Myakka State Forest Update
Army Corps of Engineers Phosphate EIS

Flatford Swamp
Water Atlas Overview

Minutes of the February 17, 2012 Meeting (revised)

I -75 Construction

Minutes of the September 16, 2011 Meeting
Sarasota County Update

North Port Gardens
I-75 Update
Fertilizer Ordinance Update
CHNEP State of the Watershed Report

Minutes of the April 15, 2011 Meeting
MRMCC Biologist's Report
ACOE EIS info sheet

January 14, 2011 Meeting

Mosaic Mining
Sarasota County Parks and Recreation Update

Lower Myakka Minimum Flows Update

Army Corps of Engineers Phosphate Mining

November 30, 2010 Minutes

September 17, 2010 Minutes
City of North Port Water Quality Data
Sarasota County Big Slough WQ Graphs
Sarasota County Big Slough WQ Stats
Sarasota County Conservation Lands
Smalltooth Sawfish PPT
Lower Myakka Minimum Flows PPTX

August 3, 2010 Minutes

June 25, 2010 Minutes

June 10, 2010 Minutes

April 23, 2010 Minutes

Attachments pertinent to April 23, 2010 Meeting
(Management Plan Update Process
US 41 Master Utilities Study
FARMS Program
Biologist Report

Minutes of the March 18, 2010 Subcommittee Meeting

Minutes of the January 22, 2010 Meeting

Attachments pertinent to January 22, 2010 Minutes posted (These include Water Quality Monitoring Update, Wood Stork Ecology Presentation, Water Conservation Summit Update, Myakka River Watershed Initiative Presentation, Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, Fish Kill Presentation, Biologist Report)

September 18, 2009 Minutes
Attachments pertinent to 4/24/09 minutes
Fish Kill Update
Tidal Creek Index Study
Biologist Report

August 21, 2009 Minutes

July 10, 2009 Meeting

April 24, 2009 Meeting
Attachments pertinent to 4/24/09 minutes
MRMCC Biologist Report 4/24/09
MRMCC Bylaws

March 5, 2009

January 9, 2009
Attachments pertinent to 1/9/09 minutes
City of North Port MRPZ and Comprehensive Plan Update
MRMCC Biologist Report 1/9/09
Sarasota County Water Quality Update
PRMRWSA Water Source Feasibility Study
PRMRWSA Pipeline Interconnect Study
MRMCC Bylaw Changes

December 12, 2008

September 12, 2008
Attachments pertinent to 9/12 minutes

Belinda Perry's Report 9-12-08

DOT I-75 Widening presentation for MRMCC 9-12-08

MWSR cleanup and exotics presentation from MRMCC 9-12-08
MRMCC Biologist's Report 9-12-08
Overview of Sunshine Laws 9-12-08
PRMRWSA presentation from MRMCC 9-12-08
Sarasota County MRPZ presentation for MRMCC 9-12-08
SWFWMD MRWI presentation for MRMCC 9-12-08

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