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RCCS Minutes


Myakka River Wild and Scenic Managment Plan

Cover and Table of Contents

Management Plan



Appendix A – Myakka Wild and Scenic Designation and Preservation Act

Appendix B– Myakka Wild and Scenic River Plants

Appendix C– Listed Species

Appendix D– Wildlife Species and Associated Habitat

Appendix E– State-Local Agreement

Appendix F– Chapter 62D-15, Myakka Wild and Scenic River Rule

Appendix G City of North Port State-Local Agreement

Appendix H– Sarasota County Myakka River Protection Ordinance 98-025

Appendix I

Appendix J-Sarasota County Consolidated Myakka River Protection Ordinance 2008-002

Appendix K -City of North Port Myakka River Protection Zone Ordinance 2008-36

Appendix L– Accomplished Management Actions

Appendix M– Upper Myakka River Minimum Flows and Levels

Appendix N – Lower Myakka Minimum Flows – Draft and Appendices

Appendix O – MRMCC Members

Appendix P– Management Authority and Direction

FIGURE 01 Myakka Watershed

FIGURE 02 - Soils


FIGURE 04 - surface water

FIGURE 05 Myakka Water Quality

FIGURE 06 - historical streamflow

FIGURE 07 Myakka Natural Communities Maps
Figure 7a Upper Myakka River Lake Region
Figure 7b Lower Myakka River Lake Region
Figure 7c Myakka Border Road
Figure 7d Lower Myakka I-75

FIGURE 08 - Myakka River Basin Conservation Land

FIGURE 09 – Sarasota County Future Land Uses

FIGURE 10 - City of North Port Future Land Uses

FIGURE 11 – Recreational Use Data

FIGURE 12 – River Area Conceptual Diagram

FIGURE 13 - SWFWMD Proposed Acquisition Land

TABLE 1 Manatee Mortality

TABLE 2 - Master Historic Site Table

TABLE 3 – Resources Values of the Myakka River

TABLE 4 – Myakka River Management Program Objectives and Actions